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We booked round trip flight from KUL to LHR for our family. A total 15 business class tickets were bought for 9 adults 4 children and 2 infants, by our travel agent Sri Kedawang Travel and tours. We departed on December 19th, 2010 on the 2030hrs flight from KUL to BHR (transit). We were told prior to boarding that the flight to LHR was cancelled due to the weather, and our agent made arrangements for us to get on the next available flight to LHR from Bahrain.

Bad Service experienced from BHR to LHR:

Bahrain - upon arrival, your ground staff were unable to locate our bags - we had to wait for almost 2hours - Ground staff friendliness - we gave 0 mark

Bahrain - Business Class checkin to LHR, it took your ground staff more than 1 hour to check us in - Ground staff friendliness - we gave 0 mark

Inflight Services - Bahrain to LHR - from all the business class passenger only our boarding stubs we checked 3 times. 1st when entering (which is normal), 2nd check was after we had properly seated by a steward and 3rd time was about 5 minutes later by the IFS.

The trip back from LHR to BHR on December 30th was ok, this time everything was smoother, checkin was fast until we went to board for the Dec31st 0200hrs flight to KUL.

Bad Service experienced from BHR to KUL:

Seat arrangement was manually changed with a pen at the boarding gate by the ground crew, no reason were given when asked. That change caused my 2 year old son to be seated ALONE in the second business class compartment.

I voiced my anger and the IFS immediately call security to have me and my children thrown off the plane, my wife, my 2 year old son and 1 year old daughter were escorted off the plane to a waiting bus but later it was overruled by the Flight Commander.

Your ground and inflight staff has no communication, the number of seats in the business class cabin (both of them) weren't fully occupied. The checkin counter in LHR has group us together in the same Business Class Cabin from LHR to BHR and BHR to KUL. Apart from Gulf having a good business lounge facilities, we were shocked by the treatment that we received being business class customers. I believed even monkeys in the Cargo Planes were treated better.

We are very, very unsatisfied and disappointed customer. We were hoping to have good experience with Gulf but now we will never recommend you to anyone. Customers: stay away from Gulf Air. We normally fly with Malaysia Airlines but this time we made a huge mistake and paid a very heavy price.

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